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  • Thank Goodness for Dr. El-Yussif

    2019 was a medically catastrophic year for my 83 year old Dad. He never went to the doctor, let alone had a hospital admission or surgery. In early 2019, he had all 3. My Dad's right hip had collapsed (avascular necrosis). It was a serious situation and one that, understandably, stressed my Dad out more than he already was. Then we met Dr. El-Yussif. From the first encounter, Dr. El-Yussif was able to calm my Dad down and reassure him everything would be fine. This was not an easy task. As promised, the surgery went very well and before we knew it, my Dad was back on his feet. Doc's medical knowledge and surgical skill are beyond compare. My Dad actually enjoys going to his follow-up appointments at Dr. El-Yussif's office. LOL. The office staff is tremendous. They are personable, friendly, and extremely professional. Later in 2019, my Mom suffered her own medical crisis and when it became necessary for her to have her knee replaced, we knew exactly who to call. Dr. El-Yussif treated my Mom with the same care and compassion he had shown my Dad. I am happy to report both of my parents are doing well, mostly due to the medical care provided by Dr. El-Yussif and his team. Thanks Doc!
  • Hip Replacement

    Explained ever thing he had to.and answered all questions easy to talk to.
  • Walking Without Pain TODAY

    Dr. Eddie El-Yussif is one of a kind.. He is thoughtful and keen on listening and diagnosing your needs.. His caring ways and personal attention gave me confidence to get back on my feet with 2 knee surgeries.. I will always be thankful. Diane Dennis
  • Best in the Business Bar None

    Let me say the only mistake you could make is to NOT, repeat is to NOT SEEK OUT Dr. El-Yussif. Because of his abilities, technical knowledge, and perfect skills as a surgeon, we are once again a fully functioning NON- wheel chair bound person. Others turned us away stating they could NOT help to the point of being fully functional. Well he did it and we are extremely thankful.
  • Fantastic Results

    Truly the best MD/OD experience I've EVER had....and I've had few! He went further than the previous doctor(s) by diagnosing a difference of length in my legs. So my hip surgery not only went well, but I'm very happy with the results. He was recommended by a co-worker and I'd recommend him to any/everbody
  • Knee Replacement Patient

    Dr. Eddie El-Yussif is an outstanding Doctor. He was referred to me by a colleague. I knew I needed a knee replacement and I was looking for a doctor I could communicate with and Dr. El-Yussif was great. Being knocked kneed I knew my replacement would be more involved that a normal knee replacement. The nurses in the hospital all gave him high praise, and I was very impressed to hear that he had his own "protocols" for his patients. That told me that he knew what he wanted and what worked best for his patients. He was not just doing what every other doctor did. He is very involved and hands on. During my recovery he was always available. I recommend Dr. Eddie El-Yussif highly, he's the kind of doctor you know you want for a procedure like this. He even stays informed about my post surgery Physical Therapy so we can determine when I can return to work and golf! Dr El-Yussif is 5 stars all the way.
  • Five Stars

    Dr. El-Yussif is an exceptional surgeon. He is very thorough and extremely personable. I trust him in his abilities and will not ever hesitate to recommend him to my family members. If you have knee or hip arthritis you will never find anybody better than Dr. El-Yussif. He also has a very exceptional staff!
  • February 2015

    There are not enough words to describe Dr. El-Yussif. He is an amazing and extraordinary physician. I had a total knee and partial knee replacement done by Dr. El-Yussif. If wish I had done the surgeries sooner. He is very professional and compassionate. He listens to his patient's needs and understands them. He is very thorough on explaining the procedure and is with you every step of the way. I would highly recommend Dr. El-Yussif to any one of my family and friends. Could not have asked for such an excellent outcome. My healing has been ongoing and continues to get better each and every day. No complications at all. I am almost 70 years of age too. All I can say is do not hesitate to contact Dr. El-Yussif. You WILL NOT be disappointed. Looking forward to the gold season!!
  • Five Stars

    Trust his diagnosis completely, he always answers all questions, and addresses any concerns. There is no doubt that he wants the best outcome of your treatment.
  • Grateful

    Words aren't enough to express my gratitude toward this surgeon. He is a doctor that has a very promising career if he keeps doing the effects he is doing presently. There aren't enough physicians that encompass the skills he owns as a surgeon. I have the upmost respect and confidence in him as a professional. I would recommend him to the highest if anyone I know is in the need of his services as a surgeon. Thank you so much for your professionalism, calm disposition and concern for me when I was your patient.
  • Fantastic Surgeon and Person!

    My personal experience with Dr. El-Yussif and staff was nothing short of fabulous! His exceptional surgical skills and very personal "Bedside Manner" make him a Credit to his profession! I have the highest praise for him and have already recommended him to many others. Thank You Dr, El-YuSSif! I feel great!
  • Electrician

    Great Doctor, good experience, great results. I would recommend to anyone in need of knee replacement.Very professional, very compassionate.,very pleased with results.
  • Bianca Allor

    Referred by my PCP and I have been totally satisfied. I would recommend him to any of my friends or acquaintenances, Not looking forward to my next procedure due to length of time off work....Nothing to do with the doctor
  • Partial Knee Expert

    I had my partial knee replacement done by Dr. El-Yussif. He told me it would be much faster recovery. I went back to work in 2 weeks. I was very happy with the experience and I'm so glad I went.
  • Five Stars

    Excellent surgeon,caring,and professional
  • Five Stars

    Dr. Eddie El-Yussif is an excellent surgeon. I feel great. He is very thorough in making sure the problem is diagnosed and resolved. He is very friendly and shows that he truly cares. His x-ray tech and staff were very courteous and considerate. They give you one-on-one time and were very helpful in answering all of my questions. I have seen many doctors throughout my life and I assure you that you will be pleased with Dr. Eddie El-Yussif.