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Check out a YouTube video showing a patient of mine walk the day after Tissue Guided Surgery without a walker.

Michael Q. (57 yr old)

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    About the Experience

    I can recommend Dr. Eddie El-Yussif and his staff whole heartedly and without reservations for joint surgery. It’s been two years now since my partial knee replacement, with no complications since. It allowed me to resume full life activities with no more knee pain. I didn’t even need all my pain meds after surgery. Dr. El-Yussif was patient and explained everything well. He showed me the actual pieces for total and partial replacements to help make my decision. His staff are very pleasant and helpful, and organized everything pertaining to my surgery and follow ups. If I or my family should need future joint surgery, he is still our first choice. Thank you Dr. El-Yussif!
    ~John Mills ~
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