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Check out a YouTube video showing a patient of mine walk the day after Tissue Guided Surgery without a walker.

Michael Q. (57 yr old)

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    About the Experience

    Dr. El Yussif did my left hip replacement in 2017 and my right hip replacement in 2020. He is a fantastic surgeon. He has given me pain-free movement in my hips and my sleeping is so much better. He doesn't rush into surgery.
    His whole staff are very kind and very organized. His PA, David, makes you feel very comfortable. I was amazed at how everyone I spoke with at the hospital had nothing but great things to say about Dr. El Yussif. If you're looking for a great orthopedic surgeon, you'll find him in Dr. El Yussif. I can't thank him enough!
    ~Patrice Sobcznski ~
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