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Check out a YouTube video showing a patient of mine walk the day after Tissue Guided Surgery without a walker.

Michael Q. (57 yr old)

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    About the Experience

    I found Dr. El-Yussif's practice during my search for help with a very painful knee. At that first visit he listened to me, and he heard me. At 73 years old, I was hesitant to have surgery, so he recommended physical therapy first. During my follow-up appointment we talked about what I wanted. We talked about the physical therapy and about going forward with surgery. He took the time to explain everything to me and answered every question while not pushing me in any direction. He told me what to expect and let me make the decision to have a total knee replacement. Once I made that decision, it was all pretty quick. Dr. El-Yussif's patience made the experience positive for me. Surgery was the best decision and I'm thankful I went ahead with it. I'm a new person! I highly recommend Dr. El-Yussif and his team. I can hardly believI had a total knee replacement 1 year ago and Dr. El-Yussif and his entire staff were so very kind and helpful. I have had an excellent result and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to family and friends. The office is very friendly and they have always seen me on time. They are courteous and friendly on the phone and I never feel rushed. Thanks again for changing my life!e how much better my day-to-day life is with my new knee!
    ~ Anonymous ~
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